Jeremias Maerki wrote:
> is a custom encoding scheme like Acrobat Reader
> uses when converting PDF to PostScript
> (PDFEncoding). That'll be some work...

Yes. Guess why I didn't do that yesterday. 8-)

Even if you use some PS code to copy the standard
encoding and just change the characters you want.
Years ago, I did that for IBM codepage 850. Typing
and testing took the better of 2 days if I remember

If your goal would be to write the best possible
PS renderer for FOP, I suppose you would want to
do the character mapping entirely in the PS renderer
and use reencoding in the PS code only where necessary
to get at characters to in the standard encoding.
This would minimize PS file size (ok, only a
relatively small, absolute saving). Also, I guess
you would save on typing time, as you could use an
integer mapping table instead of using all these
long symbolic names in the PS code.

BTW: During the night, a FOP with the fix has already
rendered about 50.000 pages. I checked this morning
- looks good.

Cappelino Informationstechnologie GmbH
Arnd Bei▀ner

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