> >The asap rendering is mostly done, we still need to bring back many of 
> >the renderers.
> I suppose you mean the PDFRenderer is mostly done.

I should probably expand on that topic a bit.
The layout creates an area tree which consists of pages. As each page is 
created by the layout the page is added to the area tree. It is set up so that as a 
page is added to the area tree it is handled immediately. The area tree model deals 
with pages as they are added, it can store the page, render immediately or if the 
page is not ready cache for later rendering. So this is done with the area tree 
The next part is rendering. Each renderer can handle a page that is sent to it or 
prepare for a page that is not ready. For PDF it can output the page contents in 
any order so that ready pages are rendered and output to the pdf document, other 
pages can be setup for later rendering.
The next part is the PDF document. This is setup so that it can output immediately 
any pdf object that is added to the document. This means that it will output images, 
pages and some other smaller objects immediately and then release any memory 
used for those objects.

The other renderers haven't been updated yet but they will be able to take 
advantage of this.

> >The "SAX" input is really about processing the layout as the fo comes 
> >in. This depends mainly on the FO tree and the layout system.
> What up-to-date source and doc could I read in order to understand the
> purpose of making FO Tree layout ASAP ?

This is where the docs are but not really up to date:

> Cedrick Le Nevanen
> Airbus France

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