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  <document id="logocontest">
                <title>Logo contest</title>
                <p>FOP needs new logo and FOP Team decided to hold an open logo 
contest. We invite all members of 
                the FOP community as well as any other interested parties to 
participate as contestants or by expressing 
                your opinion through voting. We have set up <link 
href="http://vote.sparklit.com/web_poll.spark/714566";>Web Poll</link> where you can see
                contestant logos and vote.</p>
                        <title>The rules</title>
                        <p>The rules are simple:</p>
                                <li>Everyone can participate as contestant</li>
                                <li>Everyone can vote, but only FOP Team picks out the 
                                <li>No reward except for pride</li>
                                <li>The winner image is donated to Apache, but the 
authorship is preserved</li>
                                <li>The final result should be in SVG format</li>
                                <li>Reasonable size for logo</li>
                                <li>Deadline for submitting logos and voting: 28 
February 2003</li>
                        <title>How to participate</title>
                        <p>Submit your image or link to it to <link 
 mail list.
                         Vote for a logo you like the most at FOP logo contest <link 
href="http://vote.sparklit.com/web_poll.spark/714566";>Web Poll</link>.
                        <p>We would like to thank <link 
href="http://ant.apache.org";>Ant</link> and 
href="http://jakarta.apache.org/poi/index.html";>POI</link> teams for ideas how to make 
a logo contest.</p>

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