Jeremias Maerki wrote:
It would be best if you simply posted your questions to this list. Like
this everybody can contribute and learn.

Ok, as you want:-)

There is something called PDFCMap, but as I see it represents normal character map. ToUnicode CMap uses beginbfchar and beginbfrange operators instead of begincidrange. Also some operators in CMap are useless in ToUnicode (example /WMode).

So my question is: should I change PDFCMap class? Is it used anyhow now? ToUnicode CMaps are quite different from normal CMaps...

Second question: most font constructors have last argument commented out, like this:

public PDFFont(int number, String fontname, byte subtype,
String basefont,
Object encoding /* , PDFToUnicode mapping */) {

PDFToUnicode class does not exist. But seems like somebody designed ToUnicode support quite some time ago. I do not want to reinvent the wheel, I would like to hear, how was it supposed to be done.


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