J.Pietschmann wrote:
I more or less fixed the leader generation causing all sorts of
problems and specifically #15936.
Some issues:
- The state machine detecting line breaks is brittle. It will probably
  cause problems if leaders are mixed with graphics on the same line
  I'm again tempted to do something about this.
Did this work with older releases?
If not it isn't really necessary to fix this IMHO.

- If the source contains whitespace at the end of the text in a block,
  the last line of the block will have a space appended.
    <fo:block text-align-last="justify">Entry <fo:leader
  will not be properly right aligned.
  I have no idea how to get rid of said space. Should we simply
  recommend to avoid whitespace at the end of blocks if alignment
  is critical?
As I would like to do the release *soon* we could add this to the release notes.


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