Christian Geisert wrote:

in a perfect world the 0.20.5 release would have happend last
year and we all were working on HEAD now but in reality we're
still fixing bugs (which is ok as it will take some time till
the first "redesign-relase") but nevertheless we should finally
finish 0.20.5.
So I propose the following plan:
Make another RC on february 17th and do the final 0.20.5 release
on february the 28th (no delay except for very valid reasons)


This sounds great, but I have one question. We've posted a bug report
( about the SVG rendering in 0.20.4 and 0.20.5. Our SVG's in the rendered PDF document(s) gets clipped. We're now using 0.20.1 and everything is fine there. The PS renderer in 0.20.4 and 0.20.5 also produces a correct rendered SVG. We use FOP at the Swedish Election Authority and consider this to be a big blocker for us, and I assume that's the case for others as well. I haven't seen any activity in this list etc on this bug report and wouldn't it be nice to dig in to this before the final release.

I'll happily provide the SVG file, XSL etc if this could help. I've been trying to look at the code myself but I'm not really confident with the design and the PDF spec.

By the way, thank you for an awesome product ...


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