This is a bug in 0.20.4 that has been corrected in 0.20.5rc. I suggest
you upgrade.

On 13.02.2003 11:44:59 Doherty, Michael wrote:
> I am trying to clip some text within an SVG block using FOP.  Below I attach
> a version of the FOP-XML I am using.  When run with that comes with
> the FOP distribution (version 0.20.4), it works fine and clips as expected -
> varying the clipPath's width will show more or less text accordingly.
> However, when I pass the FOP-XML to my processor (a servlet) I get the
> NullPointerException shown after the XML.  It seems to be caused by the url
> not being found but I am at a loss as how to tell the processor that I want
> to refer to the document itself.  Is there a configuration parameter that
> needs to be set?  Is there another way to pass in the reference to the
> clipPath?
> Note that I have tried replacing the clip-path attribute with both of the
> following which, although they avoid the error, fail to clip the text.
> clip-path:#xpointer(#4203)
> clip-path:#xpointer(id(4203))

Jeremias Maerki

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