The fpgm table in TrueType fonts is optional. But FOP behaved like it
was mandatory. The fonts from the FreeFont project don't contain this
table and that's where the error comes from. I've fixed this in the
maintenance branch and in the redesign. Either download FOP from CVS or
wait until 0.20.5rc2 to get the fix.

On 12.02.2003 15:04:04 Martin Perina wrote:
> I've tried to use TTF fonts from FreeFont project
> (
> with FOP 0.20.5rc and FOP logs these errors:
> [ERROR] TrueType warning: Can't find fpgm table
> [ERROR] TrueType warning: Can't find prep table
> But created PDF file looks fine. What does these
> errors mean?

Jeremias Maerki

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