that's the old problem that I'm currently mapping (illegaly) from
WinAnsi codepage to ISOLatin1 in PostScript. See
PSRenderer.writeFontDict(). In ISOLatin1 there is no trademark sign.
That's one of our big todos, to get this right. Back then, it was a
cheap, fast hack to get most (!) of the characters right. Do you want to
have a look at it?

On 13.02.2003 18:47:16 George Yi wrote:
> Jeremias,
> I just fixed the subscript and superscript problem in PS rendering.
> But I just noticed a problem of the Trademark sign (TM) is not shown on
> Gsview or print.
> I check the PS file, it did rendered as \231.
> Do you know if this is a Gsview problem or we need special treatment of
> (TM). I checked other symbols like Copyright, Registered Trademark, they are
> fine.

Jeremias Maerki

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