Sherlane Lam wrote:
However, when we port them (including userconfig, font
ttf and xml) to the AIX environment (also running in
Websphere 4.0.4 environment), it cannot run
successfully, and throws the
I've run FOP in a WebSphere environment quite successfully,
even with rather large output. OutOfMemory errors are also
a problem but in our JVM (a 1.3.0 bugfix level) seems only
to happen due to memory leaking in case exceptions are
thrown across threads. Other JVM versions are reported to
misoptimize code, getting calculations wrong and having
more substantial memory leaks. Also, WebSphere 4 has some
implementation quirks which make the problem worse.

Is there any difference between AIX & Win 2000
for running fop?

Should the font xml file must be
generated in Aix?

Do you have any comment?
I vaguley remember to have read some hints  on the net about
conserving memory with WS4. It included stripping the classpath
and some configuration changes. Either search the net and ask
on a WS related forum, or ask your friendly WS support at IBM
(though they weren't of much help for us).

It might already help to disable the JIT.


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