Hi guys. I have an interesting problem that I hope you can help with. 

I am trying to get the font Garamond printed on my pcl output. When I use
pdf as the output the font is on the pdf document. But when I use -pcl as
the output, there is no Garamond font there. The following are excerps from
the userconfig file, the command line argument I use to generate the pcl,
and output printlines from fop.

<!-- userconfig --> 
<font metrics-file="file://c:/java/investec/conf/gara.xml" kerning="yes"

    <font-triplet name="Garamond" style="normal" weight="normal"/> 
 <font metrics-file="file://c:/java/investec/conf/garab.xml" kerning="yes"

    <font-triplet name="Garamond" style="normal" weight="bold"/> 

<!-- command line arguments --> 
fop -c c:\java\investec\conf\userconfig.xml -xml c:\1.xml -xsl c:\1.xsl -pcl

<!-- fop output --> 
C:\fop\fop-0.20.4>java -cp

org.apache.fop.apps.Fop -c c:\java\investec\conf\

userconfig.xml -xml c:\1.xml -xsl c:\1.xsl -pcl c:\1.pcl 
[INFO] FOP @version@ 
[INFO] building formatting object tree 
[INFO] rendering areas to PCL 
[INFO] [1] 
[INFO] [2] 
[INFO] [3] 
[INFO] [4] 
[INFO] Parsing of document complete, stopping renderer 
[INFO] writing out PCL 

When I output to -pdf, The fop printlines are exactly the same. The only
difference is that the garamond font is on the pdf.

Please help..... 


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