Hi there

Before I open a SourceForge project I wanted to ask if there might be
interest in a barcode library/framework here at Apache. I started to
develop the library two years ago and it has already seen real-life use
in two projects with my last employer. I'm in the process of doing a
major refactoring cycle with the goal of making the whole package

- written in Java
- Implementations of the following 1D-barcodes:
    - Interleaved 2 of 5
    - Code39
    - Codabar
    - Code128
    - EAN13 and UPC-A (only partially impl.)
- Output formats:
    - SVG (as W3C DOM and JDOM)
    - AWT (planned, first experiments)
    - Bitmaps (planned)
- Integration
    - Xalan extension (generating SVG)
    - Servlet (generating SVG)
    - FOP extension (in progress)
- Other planned features:
    - support for 2D-barcodes (ex. DataMatrix)

Currently, the project's a one-man show, so I think it doesn't qualify
as a candiate for an Apache (sub-)project. But who knows. That's why I
ask around first. Being a FOP committer I could also add it to FOP but I
think the project isn't exclusively useful in that context.

Thanks in advance for any feedback!

Jeremias Maerki

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