I'm working with FOP on Windows XP and have absolutely no problems. I
suggest you contact your Domain administrator to sort out security
restrictions on your machine. This problem, anyway, has nothing to do
with FOP directly.

By the way, you should consider upgrading your FOP version. (not that
this would solve your immediate problem)

On 21.02.2003 09:43:47 Isabel Fuentes wrote:
>  I'm writing to you in order to know if you could help me with the following problem:
>  I'm working with fop-0,20.1 version to create a pdf document using xml and xslt, 
>but when I install the application into a computer with Windows XP, the following 
>message error appears:
>   "Error creating process, Denied access."
>  With Windows NT or Windows 2000, the operation runs without any problem and the pdf 
>document is created successfully.

Jeremias Maerki

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