Arved Sandstrom wrote:
They are not connected concepts, Mark. I originally put in the code for
lineage pairs, and also started the implementation for markers. So I can
assure you that they are completely unrelated. For what it's worth,
subsequent contributors have significantly improved on marker support, so I
am only commenting from the viewpoint of my knowledge of the spec.

I made a few comments in my reply to Joerg. I have a degree in physics, and
most of a Masters in physical oceanography. I see considerable mathematical
anarchy in the XSL spec, some degree of mathematical naivete, and lots of
confusion. My forte is not logic, based on my background, but even a physics
guy can dissect the pseudo-logic in that spec. I think plenty of other
people have also separated the wheat from the chaff as far as that document
is concerned...I think we are due for a rewrite, with lots of the
pretentious math excised, and replaced with plain language.


Hear, hear. Arved, have you told the editors this directly? If not, please do.

"Lord, to whom shall we go?"

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