Sorry about the delay in getting back to this. I plan to tag HEAD and create a branch for integration. There are a number of things that need to be done.

* Write or transmogrify the corresponding properties code.
The point at which this must occur is well-defined, I think, but I haven't got around to doing any of it. I have no idea how much or little of the existing corresponding properties code will tranlate over.

* Complete the recognition of fo:marker elements on the FOs. At the moment, only the parsing and storing of the fo:markers within the fo objects is being done, and that for only some of the FOs. I just wanted to establish the method. My understanding was always that I would have to copy the selected marker subtree, with its unevaluated expressions, into place under the fo:retrieve-marker, and process the subtree through the parser. This latter part is only required as the area tree is being built. There are a few questions about the appropriate expression environment for this operation, which I have asked of the editors. Yeah, ok.

* Replace the existing property handling regime.
This will involve the creation of any necessary additional interfaces in to the FO tree. Because I am unfamiliar with the existing code base, this may take a while, but the compiler is going to be a big help here.

* Provide for caching of FO tree subtrees.
This process will be triggered by feedback from the layout engine about FO subtrees. The possibilities are discard or cache. I always envisaged this, but the scope has recently expanded. See below.

* Modify the interaction between the FO tree builder and the layout engine.
This is a big and very interesting issue. As I was considering the integration, I realised that FO tree expression parsing cannot be done sensibly without feedback from the area tree. I have also asked the editors for clarification on this. In order to implement it, I will need to vary my original idea of how the interaction between these components will work. For the mud-map, see the attachment.

As I get these ideas a bit clearer, I will set up the wiki page(s) and get going with the integration.
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