Keiron Liddle wrote:
Hi all,

In order to make things more modular I would like to split the layout manager interface into two parts. One part that is used in the creation from the FO tree and another that is used by the implementations in order to do the actual layout.

See my notes on the relationship between FO tree buildng and layout. In my view, the FO expressions cannot, in certain circumstances, and therefore in general, be *parsed* until the layout of their enclosing areas has occurred. The description in the spec of discrete processes of FO tree and area tree building is simply wrong and grossly misleading.

This should eventually make it possible to have different layout implementations. For now it shoud help make it a bit clearer and I want to have a go at trying the ideas I have for doing the layout in a slightly different way.

As long as the information path from the layout implementation back through the FO tree/layout interface to the FO tree builder is defined.

I will call it LayoutProcessor unless there is a better idea.

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