> I'm in major refactoring mode/mood. :-) So I would like to finally make
> the long due move from src/org/.. to src/java/org. We've discussed it
> more than once and we didn't come to an end. So I would like to propose
> the following:
> We remove the files normally using CVS commands and readd them in the
> new locations. I only want to do that in the trunk, not in the
> maintenance branch. Result:
> - No CVS surgery
> - Ability to fully restore a state
> - We lose the ability to diff a file using CVS any further back than
>   when the move has taken place. (I think we can live with that.)
> My main motivations for the move as such:
> - Easier handling of FOP in IDEs
> - Best practices confirmance
> - Finish what we (I) started
> If you guys agree with that, I will do the move someday next week
> (during daytime CET). I will announce the start and the end of the move
> so we don't have to clean up if someone commits anything in between.
> Here's my +1.


> If the vote fails, I would like a volunteer who comes up with a new
> proposal, we vote again and this person does the change. 
> Timeframe: max. 2 weeks.
> If this sounds like blackmail, it's not intended. I just want to push
> the process forward. I don't want to discourage -1s. 
> As an option, we can also agree to do the same in the maintenance branch,
> but since it's finally about to trail off (or so I hope). I've realised
> today, that the new src/java-1.x directories make it virtually
> impossible to compile FOP in Eclipse without the the move to src/java.
> -0 from me, but I'd volunteer to do the move nonetheless.
> Jeremias Maerki

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