I agree with you, although it might not be so bad to merge back with the
trunk as soon as the rough edges are gone. This might give the whole
thing a bit more drive. Maybe.

I guess it's no problem for you to wait to tag until I've moved all the
file from src/org to src/java/org, right? Should be done within 8 hours
from now.

As I said, I'm available to help you with the integration. Just tell me
how. I'm interested in sorting this out soon and having you back on the

On 10.03.2003 12:43:33 Peter B. West wrote:
> I want very soon to tag the tree and create an integration branch, with 
> the intention of merging in from HEAD at frequent intervals, so that the 
> merge back to HEAD is painless when it happens.  I think there are 
> enough issues to be sorted out, and that the required feedback from the 
> area tree will be a thorny enough issue that it would be sensible to 
> conduct such experiments away from other development.
> Opinions?

Jeremias Maerki

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