My favourite is the green design by Chuck White (#9) most. Reasons:
- It emphasizes on "FO" be playing with the color, showing that FOP is
  not a "Fop", but a "FO" "P", an FO processor.
- I like the pencil that is nicely integrated with the logo. Very nice
- The logo scales well and has good contrast, making it possible to
  create a good grayscale or b/w version for printing on laser printers.
- I'm not 100% sure about the color though. Green, I don't know. Maybe
  we should play with it and see if different coloring improves it.

I also like the one from Lars Vallin with the red dot in the "o" (#13).
But somehow I've got the impression that I've seen this design already
somewhere. But I can't hit home, yet.

Also, the one by Pavol Vaskovic (#23,#24) is pretty good.

I wonder what your favourites are...

On 13.03.2003 19:10:36 Oleg Tkachenko wrote:
> So, we've got 28 logos [1] submitted. Now lets pick out the winner somehow.
> Comments?

Jeremias Maerki

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