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On 14.03.2003 07:05:08 Robert Kylberg wrote:
> Keiron,
> Great! Thanks for the recommendation... indeed I had an older version 
> of Batik sneaking into the build; tricky jars :-) In case anyone has 
> this trouble in the future, I was able to figure out which jar was 
> being loaded by editing the build.xml file line 401 from:
> <javac destdir="${build.dest}" debug="${debug}" 
> deprecation="${deprecation}" optimize="${optimize}">
> to be:
> <javac verbose="true" destdir="${build.dest}" debug="${debug}" 
> deprecation="${deprecation}" optimize="${optimize}">

You can get that easier by specifying "build -verbose" on the command
line. No modification of the build.xml necessary.

> Now, the compile is going through but I'm hanging on 
> SerializeHyphPattern (here's the dump...):
> compile-src:
>       [echo] Compiling the sources
>      [javac] Compiling 7 source files to 
> /Users/bkylberg/Projects/xml-fop/build/classes
> compile-jimi:
> compile-jai:
> compile-jce:
> compile:
> hyphenation:
> file:/Users/bkylberg/Projects/xml-fop/build.xml:446: taskdef class 
> org.apache.fop.tools.anttasks.SerializeHyphPattern cannot be found
> I noticed that Sam Ruby had a similar problem and Jeremias apparently 
> corrected it; but I'm not sure how. Any recommendations?

:-) I wasn't really Sam Ruby who had a problem, it was Gump
(http://jakarta.apache.org/gump) that had problems and it was Gump that
sent a nag mail to the mailing list notifying us of a build problem. The
problem is probably unrelated to what you're experiencing.

Are you using Ant 1.4 or older? Maybe it's because of that. Anyway, if
you don't have anything in your CLASSPATH environment variable (which is
usually a bad idea) and are using the build.bat script we supply you
shouldn't have any problems building FOP.

If you have problems building it's usually a good idea to try "build
clean" followed by "build" to force a full rebuild. The above seems to
be a partial build.

Good luck.

Jeremias Maerki

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