Looks fine here. Nice job.

On 20.03.2003 02:04:40 Victor Mote wrote:
> I just committed a change to build.xml (trunk) to fix what appeared to be a
> problem with the way we were doing conditional builds for jimi, jai, and
> jce. Each had a separate compile job, which was properly ignored if the
> presence tests failed. However, the classes dependent on the presence of
> these classes were included in the "compile-src" target, which caused
> compile errors if the conditional packages were not present. I changed
> "compile-src" to exclude the dependent classes, and eliminated the special
> compile targets. I also added a message indicating the presence or lack
> thereof of each of these conditional packages ("init-avail" target).
> Please let me know if this messes anybody up. Also, similar changes may need
> to be made in the maintenance branch. I haven't tried to do a build there
> recently.

Jeremias Maerki

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