Nathan Hokanson wrote:
I can currently render JPEG images that are 300dpi, and they do appear
to be print quality.  However, the scaling (by using the height and
width characteristics of the fo:block-container) does not appear to work
in any predictable way.

Images are scaled to fit the available area, unless you override it with witdth and height properties on the fo:external-graphic. Either will override width&height calculated using DPI and pixels from the image. In any case images currently can't overflow the area.

If you do
<fo:external-graphic scaling="uniform" src="/var/data/images/1/127.jpeg"
width="" height=""/>
automatic fitting sets in. Specify the width and height you want
in the resulting PDF in non-pixel units. The scaling property is
not supported anyway.

> For instance, I have taken a very large image (1.2MB) that is 1760 x
> 1184 pixels (5.867in x 3.947in) and am trying to scale it.  I can get it

Well, specifying
 <fo:external-graphic src="/var/data/images/1/127.jpeg"
 width="5.867in" height="3.947in"/>
should be sufficient.


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