Thank you for your contribution. You'd spare us a lot of work if you
would resubmit your patch as a unified diff against the current CVS.
Thank you.

But to be honest, even if you resubmit the patch as a diff, I can't
guarantee you that it'll get integrated. As you probably know we're
doing a redesign of FOP and decided that the maintenance branch will
soon get discontinued. Most of us won't add any new functionality in the
maintenance branch anymore. The focus of the majority of the committers
is on the redesign. I'd like to encourage you, however, to participate
in the development of the redesigned FOP, so we can replace the old FOP
soon with something better.

On 03.04.2003 14:57:30 Müller, Thorsten wrote:
> we have extended the TTFReader, Fontclasses and the PCLRenderer.
> All chanced Classes are in this mail. Also a short shell script which shows
> the process to add new fonts.

Jeremias Maerki

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