Glen Mazza wrote:
Thanks, Peter, for the explanation on the
property/inheritance computations--I have one more
question, perhaps anyone can answer (The Area
Tree/Renderer explanations on the Design Tab is
somewhat vague on this point):

For those output formats requiring an area tree (i.e.,
non-TXT, RTF, etc.), the area tree is independent of
the renderer, correct?

I.e., the area tree created for a document will be the same for all renderers, and the area tree is
created without taking into account its subsequent


In general, no. Most of the atoms composing the area tree are character glyphs. How they are composed on the page depends on their metrics. The font metrics may vary from renderer to renderer. For this reason, the target renderer (or at the very least the font metrics associated with the renderer) must be known. Jeremias, Victor and others have been concerned with factoring out a fonts subsystem, so they may be able to promise that for FOP this issue will be resolved.

I know nothing at all about image rendering, but there may also be renderer dependencies in the composition of images.

Peter B. West

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