you need to consider that this guy may not see your answer if he isn't
subscribed to fop-dev. You need post answers in bugzilla which will
automatically send a natification to the reporter.

BTW, it's funny. I also wondered if the xsl:include shouldn't be
top-level. But after I made his text.xsl well-formed (!) the FO got
generated just fine on my machine. Strange.

On 03.06.2003 18:02:11 Clay Leeds wrote:

> Actually, I believe (respectfully) that the bug is in your XSL. First of 
> all, the xsl:include tag is not closed (although that may be just a 
> typo). 2ndly, according to everywhere I've read, (XML Bible, the XSL 
> spec, etc.):
>    The xsl:include element is only allowed as a top-level element.


Jeremias Maerki

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