Ecliptic fopdevs,

I have started to look at Eclipse again, having more or less given up once before due to usability issues on my laptop.

The process so far:

In the CVS Repository Exploring Perspective I added the repository. A glitch here was that the password requested was my password, rather than the passphrase for my ssh identity in ~/.ssh, which is usually reqested when try to access the repository. (Any idea why?)

Opening the repository in the CVS Repositories window gives me three sub-headings:

Opening HEAD gives me a list of module folders (and a few other odds and ends.) This module list, as expected, includes the xml-fop folder. Opening this folder lists the folder and file content, complete with revision number on the files. Right-button opens a menu which includes check out and tag options, an "Add to Branch List..." submenu and a "Configure Branches and Versions..." submenu.

The Add to Branch List... item merely asks for the name of the branch. The Configure Branches and Versions... submenu brings up a window which confused me mightily, and from which I eventually retreated in confusion. Clicking OK didn't seem to do anything I could relate to.

Opening Branches reveals an empty category.

Opening Versions gives another list of the module menus, including xml-fop. Opening the xml-fop menu shows that it is empty. Right-button brings up the "Configure Branches and Versions for xml-fop" window again.

Back to the HEAD xml-fop folder. Right-button, Add to Branch List..., Enter the name of the branch.


The hourglass turns... Open Versions->xml-fop. Still nothing.
Open Branches. Bingo! Open fop-0_20_2-maintain.
Open folder xml-fop fop-0_20_2-maintain. The folders and files of fop-0_20_2-maintain are there, as can be seen bu comparing file revision numbers with the numbers on the corresponding files displayed under HEAD>xml-fop.

Back to HEAD xml-fop folder. Right-button. Add to Branch List... Enter the name of the branch.


Open Branches.  Open FOP_0-20-0_Alt-Design
Open folder xml-fop FOP_0-20-0_Alt-Design
The set of folders and files from the branch is displayed.

Unfortunately, the fop-0_20_0-maintain branc is no longer present. Grrr.

Let's try Branches->Right-button->Refresh branches

All branches disappear as if by magic.

Does anyone have any idea what is going on here?

Peter B. West

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