Glen Mazza wrote:

> No response on the below questions from any committer,
> and I'm concerned about the drop-off on the FOP-DEV
> mailing list over the past few weeks (at an
> extrapolated 170 emails on FOP-DEV for the month, this
> would be our lightest month since Dec. 1999!)

At the moment, most of my design questions are answered, and it is merely
:-) a question of finding time to implement.

> I'd like us to continue progress on both Trunk and
> Alt-Design until (1) at least one of the two methods
> are finished or (2) they've been merged completely.  I
> would be happy to work as best I can towards both
> goals.  Do the committers need to have a vote on this?

I think most of us treat Alt-Design as Peter's "baby" and expect him at some
point to propose a reintegration of some or all of his work into the trunk.

>  We need to get working again.

There are probably multiple opinions about how best to proceed. My personal
view is that our biggest problem is not integrating Alt-Design, but rather
integrating the maintenance branch and the trunk so that we are releasing
and developing in the same branch. To that end, I am (as we speak) trying to
untangle Driver into Session, Document, and RenderContext objects, as the
first step toward refactoring to LayoutStrategy. So I guess I am working
along a different line, but working nonetheless.

Nevertheless, your point is well taken. I will address the remainder of your
email in a subsequent message.

Victor Mote

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