Art (Welch?) wrote:

> better than an overwrite). One of the original constraints when the
> TXTRenderer was developed was that the text output fit within fixed page
> sizes (fixed number of rows/columns). Depending on your application, this
> may not be important. Perhaps a "mode" could be added to preserve text
> (versus preserving layout). The only consolation I have had with regard to
> the TXTRenderer is that I find its output superior to many commercial
> applications' lame text output (IMHO).

I have had this thought as well, basically to add a "rawtext" output option
that would not be paginated. It would basically be another structured output
option (similar to MIF and RTF), and would seem to be very easy to get
working at a basic level (tables, etc. are extra). Except for line breaks
(which should probably be optional), it really wouldn't add much value over
using XSLT to spit out the content.

Also, Vincent, I just added some content to the doc that was gleaned from an
email that you wrote several months ago, that documents the optimal settings
needed to avoid line overwrite, etc. Thanks for that useful information.

Victor Mote

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