Oh, I didn't realize that David has a new version of his excellent
plug-in. He said he would drop me a note when the new version for
checkstyle 3.x is out. Hmm. I'm downloading right now.

Can you upload what you have already?

On 20.06.2003 08:14:21 Peter B. West wrote:
> Jeremias, Joerg and other Eclipse users,
> I'm trying to apply Checkstyle 3.1.0 to fop-head via Eclipse 2.1, and am 
> having a few problems.  I cannot import the checkstyle.cfg file, so I 
> have constructed a new one.  I seem to have been much too restrictive in 
> what I have tried, and am now working my way through deleting or 
> detuning rules.
> I have since that paragraph was written received some info from David 
> Schneider on the Eclipse-cs-developer list.  It seems the checkstyle.cfg 
> we have in fop-head is pre-version 3.  Version 3.1.0 does not support 
> the check for a header file, which is why it does not appear in the 
> Preferences Checkstyle UI, or linked into the relavant integrated 
> documentation.  That will not be available until at least 3.2.
> I will commit a 3.1.0 style config, and those of you who haave followed 
> the style discussion more closely might like to modify it.  I suspect 
> there are more options in the new version.
> I am on a steep learning curves with Checkstyle and the conventions, 
> which I am planning to apply to alt.design before going any further. 
> That learning curve is probably another reason to cast an eye over the 
> config I create.

Jeremias Maerki

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