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--- "Peter B. West" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> The basic build principles that I will implement
> include:
> * No code generation or modification for normal
> builds.
> * All generated code and data maintained in CVS.

I don't think you have to bother with this.  This is
akin to storing binaries in CVS--kind of messy.

> This is primarily to ease the introduction to the
> code for newcomers, 
> but also to rationalise the basic working
> environment for development. 

But Peter--isn't the developer IQ & work ethic
required to constructively help on FOTreeBuilding,
Area Tree/Layout, Rendering, etc. far greater than
whatever would be needed to understand automatic code

"I am too stupid & lazy to look into build/src for
autogenerated code" but "Hey, FOP Team, let me help
you out on that Area Tree redesign you have there" is
a contradiction.  

As a relative newcomer, I can tell you--There is a
*ton* of FOP I still don't understand--Area Tree
creations, fonts, Renderer's etc. (and *feel free* to
make that more understandable!) But this has 0.00% to
do with autogenerated code. 

Rather, I just haven't gotten to those areas of code
yet, also I wouldn't be surprised if "cerebral
limitations" also kick in more than I would like along
the way.  So with every other potential developer.

> Once the code generation step is separated, normal
> builds can monitor 
> the state of the generated code by a) checking
> creation dates of 
> generated files and their sources and b) performing
> cvs diffs against 
> the repository.  For a normal build, I would simply
> check timestamps, 
> while for a distribution build I would enforce a
> repository check.
> In the normal case, inconsistencies in the generated
> code would halt the 
> build.  A property could be defined to override this
> from the command 
> line or from build-local.properties.

All this to avoid a minute or two of extra build
time?--it doesn't seem worth the headache.


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