On Sun, 6 Jul 2003, Glen Mazza wrote:

> their to-do lists and related files--so if this is an
> oversight with us--so it is with everyone.

Which is no reason not to fix i in fop-dev ASAP. We're an open source
project; and the ASF needs every bit of help they can in making sure that
we dot our i's and cross our 't's in this respect.

Just to be clear; until we have the new license completed (any time now)
each and every file which the committer communit would consider its work
or its creation should have the ASF license and (c) right. Ideally each
year in which active work was done on that file should be listed in the
(c) right line. E.g. 1997-2003 if there was a substansive change every 6
years or 1998, 2003 if the file was only worked on this year after being
stable for 4 years.

Once we have the new license the 50 odd lines of explicit license in each
and every file will in some cases be condensed to just a URL reference.
Guidelines for this will be released around that time. In any case, each
file will still need the (c)  right claim, and in this case the URL.

Note that in some cases it may be desireable to have the license at the
end of the file, rather than at the beginning. Or it must be reformatted,
have '#', '//' or '/*' front of it, be turned into UTF8 or have different
line endings. All that is fine; the idea is just to make sure that no one
can claim that they did not see an ASF license when they snarfed or copied
just a few files.

Should you worry about size increase; feel free to do a small experiment;
zip or GZ a tar/zipfile with and without license. As you may see it
compresses very very well.



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