Hello Everyone!

It would be great to have MathML support in both Batik and FOP.
Therefore I would like to begin writing a MathML rendering library that
can be used with both Batik and FOP.

I am not very familiar with Batik and FOP internals thus I have to begin
by asking a few stupid questions.

1) MathML code would be embedded in SVG by means of foreign-object
elements and in XSL:FO by means of instream-foreign-object elements. In
both cases: can MathML embedded in this way be part of a normal
text-run? Is it possible to make FOP/Batik align the mathematical
baseline of the MathML code with the baseline of the surrounding text?

2) What kind of interface would such a library have to provide? Should I
provide a Batik-Bridge for each MathML element? Could FOP then be made
to render MathML via Batik? Or would another approach be more feasible?
I would be very interested in an approach that allows for a single
rendering library to be used with both FOP and Batik as this reduces
maintenance costs. What is the best way to tackle this problem?

Answers, comments, opinions, suggestions, technical help and volunteers


Felix Breuer

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