The best approach might be for us to manage this ourselves. If we check with infrstructure on the process of archiving a snapshot of the tree, arrange to tag the tree at that point, ,then use the -o outdate admin fucntion to prune the tree. Outdated ranges cannot contain locks or branches, but all fo the cruft between can be cleaned up, and we can be left with what is effectively the last few releases and


J.Pietschmann wrote:
Peter B. West wrote:

Oops. You can blame me for that one then. has a few things under the build directory. Once a directory is created, there is no sanctioned way to remove it from the repository.

Hmm, this seems to hurt others too

Anybody daring to bother infrastructure@ with some clean-up?
The jpfop-0.17.0 diretory as well as a few other now defunct
is also somewhat ugly.

-- Peter B. West

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