One of our renderers, PrintRenderer (*not* the
same-named abstract base class to our
PDF/PCL/TextRenderers, but the AWT-print-output
renderer), is currently encapsulated within
apps.PrintStarter.  Apparently due to its location,
its also ends up needing to be defined again in

Just for reference:



Since it names an output format in its own right
(-print option), I'd like to move PrintRenderer out of
the PrintStarter & FopPrintServlet classes
(apps.PrintStarter probably being a goner with the new
API anyway) and into its own file in render.awt
package.  Also, to reduce confusion with the
PrintRender abstract base class above, I'm also
thinking of renaming it to AWTPrintRenderer.  I think
this is a no-brainer, but in case I'm missing
something--any objections?


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