Jeremias and others interested in the font system:

I have just updated the Font Subsystem wiki with my latest thinking on the
subject, and have removed the former "Facade" stuff. I think the real
solution is much simpler than what either of us discussed earlier. I see the
need and benefit of using an interface for the TypeFace classes. However, I
am pretty sure that the interface never really needs to be seen by the rest
of FOP. IMO, FOP's API to the font subsystem should consist of a static
method to provide a Font to be used, a static method to provide the stream
of embedding data, and a bunch of instance methods to return metric
information. I don't see a need for anything more complex than that, but
will await your thoughts on the subject, when you get a chance. I think I
have moved somewhat closer to your position over the last six (??!!) months.

(This is part of my effort to get old, nagging design issues resolved, well
documented, and put to bed).

Victor Mote

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