J.Pietschmann wrote:
Glen Mazza wrote:
> (1.)  I would like to remove the addToBuilder()
> function (and update its subclasses) from the
> ElementMapping interface and replace it with
> getNamespaceURI() and getFOTable() functions


BTW this is not a change which requires a vote.

Change done.

> (2.)   I'd like to move
> these five to the pagination package

While the packaging of the files may be suboptimal, I
don't feel there is much to gain from moving stuff
around right now. In particular I don't think the
FO spec should be the ultimate guide. The package for
Page and Region classes are more of a concern to me


+1 (still)

Let me see if I can give you an acceptable
non-spec-heavy reason to make these changes.  I agree
that the spec should not be the ultimate guide for
where to put the classes--but currently the spec and
Fop's architectural implementation appear to be saying
one thing, while the package/class layout is saying

1) The fo.flow.Flow and its fo.flow.StaticContent
subclass, in addition to not referencing anything in
Flow package, are both referencing pagination classes.
 These are the only classes in fo.flow doing so.

2) Also, in fo.pagination.*, the only fo.flow objects
being referenced are flow.Flow and flow.StaticContent.

So moving these two classes to pagination would make
both packages completely independent of each
other--meaning we've made a very nice break of the
formatting objects--hard to do considering there's 57
of them.

As for the other three still sitting in "fo"--I
believe the original decision to subclass the fo's is
because there are too many of them, and also a desire
to keep them separate from the FOTreeBuilder-specific
code.  It is strange to move just 54 out of 57 of
them, however, and not *all* to subclasses. 
Regardless, looking at their spec definitions:

fo:title:  The fo:title formatting object is used to
associate a title with a given page-sequence.
(therefore, tied to pagination.PageSequence?)

fo:declarations: The fo:declarations formatting object
is used to group global declarations for a stylesheet.

fo:color-profile:  The fo:color-profile formatting
object is used to declare an ICC Color Profile for a
stylesheet. (spec would indicate pagination.root, but
possibly {pagination}.declarations).

It seems that sooner or later these three should also
move to pagination--but I'm less certain on these than
I am on the other two.  


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