FOP Devs,

As a couple of you may recall from last November, I rather exuberantly celebrated my 
score on the Graduate Record Exam on here.  Since then, I've applied to the computer 
science departments of several universities, been accepted to a few, and made my 
decision.  I will be starting my graduate studies at the University of Florida this 
August.  As the University of Florida is roughly a three hour drive from my workplace, 
I am, of course, quitting my job.  Technically, they're going to contract me as a 
telecommuter effective the day I resign, so I'm not REALLY quitting.

Regardless, I'm expecting a period of chaos with respect to things like the status of 
my email address here at work, which is where I receive my fop-dev emails.  The only 
personal email accounts I use I use via webmail, and the traffic on them can get 
downright punishing without a mail client that automatically sorts stuff into folders.

So, anyway, I will be, in the next couple days, unsubscribing from fop-dev on a 
temporary leave of absence.  I expect that this will be for about two weeks.  As soon 
as my broadband connection is established in Gainesville and I have personal email 
addresses via my broadband ISP and the university, I'll be re-subbing to all of my 
mailing lists, including fop-dev.  

Given that I'm mostly a minor player in the goings on here, I susect that my absence 
won't cause any major difficulties.  I just wanted to give everyone a heads-up and ask 
that things like my wiki pages not be removed.

J. Rhett Aultman
Business Technology Solutions
FCCI Insurance Group

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