Clay Leeds wrote:

> What is the status of the FOP logo? If we need it tweaked, I can help.

That would be great. The last word on the subject is here:

Here is what I suggest:

1. Find the SVG document for #30, which won the contest. It looks like Oleg
doesn't have it. Would you please contact Scott Hofman directly (see the
above link for a link to him) to obtain a copy of it, create a Bugzilla
issue with it attached, and we'll get it into the repository.

2. We need to decide 1) whether additional tweaking is necessary, and 2) how
to decide what tweaking needs to be done, 3) get the tweaking actually done
(in addition to your offer, I think Scott made a similar offer), and
committed to the repository. I propose that we take the logo as is, and
revisit the issue in the future if we think its important. I don't think we
can afford to spend any more bandwidth on it now.

Here is my +1.

3. Research where the logo is needed. I can't think of any place other than
our website. For each place it is needed, we need to consider making a jpg
scaled properly. The existing jpg may be fine.

4. We'll need to get our Forrest web build to pick up the svg and/or the
jpg. Probably the most efficient way to proceed is for me to see if it can
be done easily.

5. When this is all done & visible, we can remove the logocontest page.

Thanks for helping get this done. I think it is useful to get some of this
old stuff cleaned up, to "clear the decks".

Victor Mote

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