We have currently about four sets of
ElementMappings--fo, svg, extension, and MathML in

I'm confused about seeing Bookmarks referenced in
FOTreeControl.java--I thought our pluggable
ElementMappings (including the Bookmark formatting
object) were designed to run with zero internal
hardcoding outside that ElementMapping.

This is bringing up an earlier issue--we currently
allow runtime loading of user-defined and -invented
ElementMappings, that supposedly can be processed by
FOP, with zero hardcoding outside of that
ElementMapping.  For example, a user invents his own
ElementMapping, places it in a certain directory, runs
FOP, and FOP will instantly absorb and use the new
ElementMapping--no hardcoding for it required in Area
Tree, Layout, Renderers, etc.

I argued for removing that runtime loading capability
a few months back (when I moved this functionality
from Driver to FOTreeBuilder) because it just doesn't
work by itself, i.e., just adding a ElementMapping
won't work, you still need to hardcode all over the
application to accomodate the new formatting object. 
(Just like you're doing for Bookmarks, for example.) 
But I wasn't sure on that point, and the team
disagreed with me here--saying that no such internal
coding would be needed.

So, are we back to square one with the pluggable
ElementMappers idea?  Should we rip out that
functionality from FOTreeBuilder that allows FOP to
dynamically load brand-new ElementMappings?  I still
don't see its utility.

(+1 on moving the package BTW)


--- Victor Mote <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> For purposes of my FO Tree isolation work, I am
> including the "extensions"
> package as part of the FO Tree. The BookmarkData
> class is going to move to
> layoutmgr or area, and I haven't gotten all of the
> layout stuff out of the
> other classes yet, but is there any objection to
> moving it to fo/extensions
> to more clearly show that it is part of the fo
> stuff?
> Victor Mote
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