TrueType fonts and the PostScript renderer don't go well at the moment 
(read: untested and there's no specific code for TrueType fonts). Please
compare the output of the PostScript renderer with the one of the PDF
renderer. Are there any differences?

On 15.09.2003 20:42:01 IvanLatysh wrote:
> I have a small problem with line spacing when using custom fonts.
> I have a web page where user can select a few different fonts (fonts converted to 
> the eot fonts to be displayed on the page properly)
> and this font will be applied to the user text.
> After submission I am creating a document and printing it, using FOP.
> Before, when I used only times, courier and arial this process was perfect, I has no 
> problems at all.
> But since I add a few additional fonts I have a different line spacing on the screen 
> and on the paper.
> And the most interesting that spacing for arial still the same, but spacing for 
> other fonts larger.
> I hade a loot at the font metric file, and find that it might be a source of the 
> problem, because for custom fonts there are was missing parameter x-height.
> I calculate this parameter, and modify my, but still no changes.
> Basicly I can add line spacing based on the font name into my FO file, but I hope 
> there are some way to tune up font metric file.
> At least where I can get the spec's for the metric file ?
> I am using fop-0.20.5rc3a, with PSRenderer.

Jeremias Maerki

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