Hi Chris

FOP's PDF library would have to be extended to provide parsing support
for PDF. At the moment, it's write-only. What you want to do may be a
bit exotic (personal opinion), but why not? Another possibility which I
would prefer is a PostScript interpreter in Java and under Apache-style
license (unlike the LGPL-licensed one from the FreeHEP project). This
would offer a wide range of other possibilities (including your use-case).
I realize, though, that the PS interpreter would mean a lot of work. But
I certainly don't want to discourage you in your PDF-parsing plans. On
the contrary. It would be a very interesting addition as this could also
cover the often posted question about concatenating PDFs or adding pages
generated by FOP to an existing PDF. This currently has to be done
through a third party library. We've also had contact with the iText
people, I think, for adopting their library, but that somehow didn't
work out.

On 24.09.2003 11:26:53 Chris Huebsch wrote:
> are there any considerations in using PDF-Files as an image source for
> the PDF-Renderer?
> The reason I ask is that EPS is not rendered in Acrobat (of course).
> But EPS can be converted very easily to Embedded-PDF. This can be
> "stremed" to the PDF-Output very easily (I tink :-)
> I might spend some time on this issue and produce some code. But only if
> I knew it would not be needless.

Jeremias Maerki

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