FOP Dev Crew:

I am unexpectedly called away next week (should be back by about Oct 7), but
wanted to give you a progress report on the integration work. After two
somewhat useful false starts last weekend, I finally got a clean start and a
little traction three days ago. My approach is to start with a subset of the
maintenance branch code in a subdirectory in the trunk, which can be
compiled as part of trunk, then eliminate all of the classes that have
nothing to do with layout. I started out with 637 maintenance branch classes
that need to be factored out, and I am down to 330 today, but the remaining
ones will be more difficult.

In places where I know for sure that the maintenance branch code is better,
I'll port those changes to the trunk. I won't see any improvements in the
maintenance branch code that don't result in a signature change, so those
will have to be ported separately as people notice missing features.

It is too early to tell whether this will be successful, but I remain
optimistic. I will probably try to stay "underground" until resolved either

BTW, noting Glen's objection to "simple" as the name for the maintenance
branch layout system, I changed it to "pioneer", which conveys the idea of
being both first and rough.

Victor Mote

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