Good catch! (BTW, as you'll be seeing shortly, it shows the PDF file in Safari as well). It would be annoying (bad) if going to also brought up a PDF file (it doesn't--just checked! ;-p).

Strange! I remember talk on discussing this type of thing:

A couple of notable quotes:

Q: What makes a cool URI?
A: A cool URI is one which does not change.

"URIs don't change: people change them."

hehehe... It's a feature, not a bug!


Andreas L. Delmelle wrote:
I just happened to type in the address
(no extension)

in the browser's address bar (IE6), and to my surprise, I ended up looking
at the PDF version of the page in question.

Just wanted to know:
Is this deliberately done this way? (To put the focus on the PDF rendering
abilities of FOP)
Or is it just some weird, browser-related thing? (Come to think of it, gonna
try it in Safari on the Mac as well... If anything turns up, I'll keep you



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