Hi all
I have the following problem with fop.

I'm using fop of version 0.20.4rc. On several XML files fop runs extremely
slowly or falls down with OutOfMemoryError (though I set up
options -Xms64M -Xmx256M for JVM to increase memory at runtime).

But fop of version 0.20.5 runs perfectly on the same data.
I can't use version 0.20.5 of fop because of number of reasons.
What I want to do is to find code in 0.20.5 version that improves memory
usage and merge this code with fop of 0.20.4 version.

The question is: does anybody know what classes was affected in relation
with memory optimization in version 0.20.5. I have not manage to find it
(Or may be somebody give me a hint how to find it)

Thanks in advance.

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