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  @@ -8,6 +8,16 @@
       <p>This page documents items that may be helpful to other developers, 
especially to those who are new to FOP. Exhaustive treatment of these topics is better 
suited to other fora, but the information presented here is intended to deal with 
FOP-specific issues related to these tools, especially "gotchas", and to help 
developers get jump-started.</p>
  +    <section id="checklist">
  +      <title>Developer Checklist</title>
  +      <p>Here is a (probably not comprehensive) list of tools you will need to be a 
successful FOP developer:</p>
  +      <ul>
  +        <li>A java IDE (see <link href="#ide">IDE</link>).</li>
  +        <li>Ant (see <link href="../compiling.html">Building FOP</link>).</li>
  +        <li>checkstyle (see <link 
href="conventions.html#java-checkstyle">Checkstyle</link> on the conventions 
  +        <li>JUnit (see <link href="testing.html#basic">Basic Testing</link>).</li>
  +      </ul>
  +    </section>
       <section id="general">
         <title>General Developer Information</title>
       <p>See <link href="http://www.apache.org/dev/contributors.html";>the Apache 
Contributors Tech Guide</link> for useful information and links for Apache developers, 
including help with tools and procedures.</p>

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