--- Victor Mote <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> It also was not to "remove all author credits and
> make enhancements to the
> RTF Renderer", but we've done some of that, haven't
> we?

Sorry if I was implying we restore already removed
author attributes--we voted to do away with them, and
for any removed, they're now gone.  For *future*
source files, however, we may vote to allow them
again, especially if it helps bring in more
contributions.  I'm not going to bother with this
issue at this time, however--proper credit on the team
page is fine for now.

Also Mr. Lillywhite evidently did a lot of work for
the team, and may have been on FOP during a time it
was very difficult to become a committer (Jeremias had
to wait 18 months, for example; Peter over a year I
believe)-- a listing for him somewhere on the team
page was probably the right thing to do anyway.

> IMO, it would be
> *much* cleaner to use the @author tag than any other
> method within the
> source code. 

Oh, I didn't know hiding the author attribute was the
default, you're right then--the @author tags would be
much cleaner.  Thanks.


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