Thanks for the help, Jeremias, on the patch problem I
had yesterday.  I confirmed the problem was the
"Index:" sections all holding the name of a parent
directory of FOP, whose name I wasn't using for my own
local version of the software.

For the benefit of the FOP-DEV archives, should this
occur for anyone else (and, also, should I forget
about this a month from now... ;):

1.) The patch command needs to be run from the
directory where the "Index: " statement in the patch
file makes sense, e.g., for an index of 
"Index: fo/"

the patch file should be run from the
src\java\org\apache\fop directory, using:

patch fo\ patchFile.txt  (Windows)

2.) My problem with yesterday's file is that the Index
was "Index:
but I don't store FOP in an parent directory named

I manually edited all the indices in the patch file to
just start with "src/java/..." and re-ran from my base
directory (for me, xml-fop-10), to get it to work.


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