--- John Austin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I mentioned yesterday that I thought I had read a
> comment
> by Bruce Eckel suggesting that String.intern() might
> be 
> avoided. 
> I could not find the reference in either the 2nd or
> 3rd editions
> of "Thinking In Java".

No need-the "gotcha" site you gave earlier did give
some specific drawbacks under string compares:  


BTW, The third drawback listed in the link above gave
"weak references" as an alternative implmentation--I'm
unsure what that construct is about--is this the
vtable you were speaking of in an earlier message?

Also, another question for my comprehension here--the
"canonical mappings" you have been referring to in
this thread--is this the same thing as the property
enumerations that alt-design uses?  I'm unsure of the
difference between the two.


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