Am Mi, den 17.12.2003 schrieb J.U. Anderegg um 07:53:

> o Java supports TrueType, OPI and Type1 fonts
> o XSL properties : Java TextAttribute's = 1:1
> - TextAttribute maps give a binary object representation for XSL font
> properties in Java (more Float's than int's)
> - Java2D 1.4 does not process stretch and weight properly (hopefully fixed
> in Java 1.5), variant is not supported
> - font face picking by Java 1.4 is funny: a static font mapping is required
> to get predictable results
> o Java2D supports font metrics, i18n, bidi and Unicode well
> o Java2D does not support
> - word and character spacing: may be programmed by inserting white space
> - kerning: info not available in font metrics

Do you know other projects dealing with high quality typesetting with
Java or if Java 1.5 will bring improvements? I'm thinking about writing
my diploma thesis about how to extend the current/implement a
typesetting API for Java.


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