Jeremias Maerki wrote:
Hmm, again, we could probably cache the value. Not very elegant, of
course, but how else do we get that value which is used in several

Just an outsider's point-of-view: it probably doesn't make sense to waste time optimizing code like this unless a profiler indicates that it's a bottleneck.

Randomly searching through code for potential inefficiencies has widely been disproven as an effective optimization technique. ;-)


On 19.12.2003 13:57:26 John Austin wrote:

And of course, I missed the fact that the last method in the class
contains a pathological use. To get the name of this class, we create a
parser ?

    * Returns the fully qualified classname of the standard XML parser
for FOP
    * to use.
    * @return the XML parser classname
   public static final String getParserClassName() {
       try {
           return createParser().getClass().getName();
       } catch (FOPException e) {
           return null;

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